Anabolic Cooking Review

Hey, I’m Sarah! If you stumbled onto this page then you’re probably wondering whether or not you should buy Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking package.

In the off-chance you’re looking a link to buy it now (which I agree with), you can check it out right here!

Back to the cookbook/recipes review!

Let me tell you my story. It’s a little bit difficult to admit, and let alone write out – but I have always been overweight. From elementary to middle, then high school to university, and even up to 4 years ago – I’ve been having serious social-anxiety and a low self-confidence due to my waistline. I know, I know – it’s incredibly superficial. But what most people don’t get, is that being even slightly overweight can affect your everyday activities. When I’m doing the groceries, I have this feeling in my gut that everyone is staring, even though I know they’re not! I couldn’t help it.

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I’ve tried numerous weight loss methods – you name it. From keto diets, weight training, to even eating a little as possible. Nothing was working! I became so skeptical that when I came across this anabolic recipes cookbook, I thought there was no way these recipes could help me lose weight – let alone taste somewhat decent.

After a yearly bonus, I figured… what the heck and bought it anyway, as a Christmas present to myself. And boy, was I wrong.

For those of you who don’t know, the cookbook features over 200 muscle-building, weight loss and anabolic cooking recipes. I’ve tried about 40 of them so far, and ALL of them not only work on losing weight, but the food is incredibly tasty; my personal favorite is the high-protein banana-bread recipe.

You can watch him making one of his oatmeal recipes below:

I’ll be honest with you: This anabolic cookbook won’t magically help you lose your weight. What this product will do is help you maintain a healthy diet. It’s tasty goodness will encourage you to stay away from junk food. When I combined it with some cardio and weight training – I lost over 40 pounds in 1 month!

After I started seeing progress in the mirror, my confidence sky rocketed! Before, I was self-conscious from just crossing the street. Now, I LOVE going out with the girls. I’m proud to be the first one in my group to suggest a selfie! Haha.

I owe a lot to Dave’s cookbook. Not only does he suggest an incredible amount of recipes, but he lays out a plan from grocery shopping to food preparation – and even money saving tips!

I’ll spare you nitty and gritty details since you can look it up on his site. I 100% recommend it for not only losing weight and getting fit – but also for improving your self confidence and feeling beautiful. As for the guys out there, you’ll definitely get that smoking hot body 😉

I hope you found my review helpful, despite it being more of my story!

Learn more about the Anabolic Cookbook by Dave Ruel here!